TAYSIR ASSISTANCE achieves this aim through an extensive network of well trained personnel with long standing proven logistical and professional know-how. Only those who can guarantee an elite service standard are part of our network. Our call center and our staff are available 24 hours seven days a week. At any time a member of our staff and a doctor speaking at least English and French are available to help you.

A staff of professional are available for you, giving a quick response 7/7 , 24/24 with a fleet for every situation.

Our team consists of:

- Regulators, who take delivery, plans and monitors the proper conduct of operations whether scheduled or urgent.

- Medical specialists: Our medical staff is available and mobile in order to carry out missions; moreover, we have at our disposal a list of free emergency doctors and intensive care anaesthetists working on mission.

- A Paramedical team, composed of nurses, nursing assistants and ambulance men who are trained in-house to the specificity of the medical transport, having several experiences within hospital emergency services (HES) and anesthesia and resuscitation. They are in charge of supervising and providing care for patients during the transport with equipments and vehicles complied with the regulatory measures.

- Administrative and legal department.